What Do Metal Recycling Companies Do? – Morgantown WV Business News

November 22, 2022 by - Home

all take big appliances like refrigerators for example and reuse the components. Every year, more than 2 million refrigerators have been demolished. The old days, they had to be disposed of in landfills. However, these quickly took up space in landfills and the units leaked hazardous chemicals into soil. They’re now being recycled.

If metal recycling businesses acquire the items, such as refrigerators, they’re brought in by large trucks every day. These trucks will bring large quantities of refrigerators into each delivery. Workers load the refrigerators onto conveyor belts before cutting into the specific areas of the refrigerator. Also, they move the doors open to remove any shelving. After that, the compressor is taken from the fridge. The fridges move to the automatic area in the pipeline.

The fridges are later treated with liquid nitrogen in order to stop the explosions. Then, the refrigerators are placed in the grinder. The machine will then crush and cut down the refrigerators into pieces that are small. Cross-cut grinder reduces the size of refrigerators as low to 60mm (for steel parts) or as high as.02mm (for foam). It allows for the components to be reused.


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