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April 5, 2022 by - Home


You can write your thoughts using the computer. If you’d like it, you can print these and store them as physical documents. Printing, while it may appear strange, is actually a common practice that has existed for many decades. Cave paintings can be a good instance of an early form of printing. We will look into the origins of printing a whole.

You can observe how society have evolved over the years. The time came when these advancements occurred, the ability to keep track of events in writing became more important. It is apparent in the first forms and can be witnessed in the creation of engravings on stone. Though writing as we understand as we do today may not be in existence, we know that images were used to communicate messages.

The film “The development and history of printing” illustrates the fact that printing on paper became widely used within Europe around 1300 years ago. Printing on paper used blocks to print words on the paper. As printing technology improved, large-scale machines could be used to print different words on the paper. The introduction of computers and the digital revolution is what brings us to our present.


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