Step-By-Step Guide to Installing Tiles in Your Home – House Killer

February 23, 2022 by - Home

re it’s ready for tiling. Look for nail holes that poke out and large ridges that need to be removed using an electric belt sander. Securely screw the boards to the flooring
Install the underlayment under the tile to increase the overall lifespan of the tiles. Be sure that it is spread evenly and thoroughly, and is also moist in order to increase the adhesion of your substrate.
To facilitate tile installation place the Ditra product to the surface. It’s waterproof, super light and very easy to cut.
Start applying the powdered thinset, spread thinly and when the scratch coat dries, apply more thinset. Be sure to finish the process with a straight pass for best adhesion.
The tile should be placed in the thinset that is wet by gently pressing it into the concrete to remove any ridges and fix it securely in the thinset. Be aware of the corners, and do not tilt the tiles. Before moving on to the next tile, inspect the tiles you’ve put in so far and check if the tiles are arranged correctly and tile spacing is uniform.
After you’ve cleaned off any tiles that been too thin, grab the sponge and rub them with it. e86ykdlgv1.

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