What Is the Difference Between Public and Private Cloud? – PC Patching

December 18, 2021 by - Home

Unless you have been living beneath a rock more than 10 years, you’ll know cloud storage is where we keep all our information. Did you know there are various types of cloud storage used to store information? There are two primary varieties of clouds which are private and public cloud. Each type of cloud has advantages, and in this video, you will learn about some of the main differences between the two main kinds of cloud storage.

A private cloud, in the sense of being private. It is controlled by one particular organization and allows for the utmost privacy, because no one other than the company is permitted to access said private cloud. Public clouds are units which can store all of your data kept, like social media. The term “private cloud” is often used to describe a private cloud like a residence and a cloud that is public like an apartment. You can watch this video for further information, or do some research online to find out which cloud type is right for your company. zvofw2uult.

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