Should You Start a Tile Business? –

December 18, 2021 by - Home

CTEF CTEF is an organisation which sets the standards for the tile industry, gives seminars for installation professionals, and helps tile setters to master the art of tile setting. It’s a trade group which certifies and standardsizes commercial practices. CTEF is a way to open the door to your tile business.
Installation techniques that are properly executed and creating standards in the industry can help to improve the tile industry. These standards will benefit all businesses that is involved in the field. Setting standards to adhere to improves the quality of service and boosts public opinion. If you’re considering starting an enterprise in the field of tile, CTEF will assist you in learn the trade from the inside out, support in enhancing your knowledge and set you up on the path to success.
Get in touch with CTEF for information on classes or membership prior to starting your tile business and you will be fully prepared to win and dominate any competitors that are in your vicinity. Learn more in this video more about CTEF. mbcua6puzo.

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