What Is Dry Needling? – Health Talk Online

July 9, 2021 by - Home

A few are minor, while some are major, but no matter how serious the injury, it’s inevitable that patients will experience an injury during their recovery or even after healing has occurred. There physical therapists who aid in the process of healing for painless and proper healing. They also assist to strengthen muscles to prevent the pain that comes with healing. One method of this is dry needling and in this video, viewers will discover the exact meaning of it and see a video demonstration. The video will explain what to expect if you decide that dry needling is right for you.

Needles are used to perform dry needling can trigger points, which may cause the pain. Physical therapists use their finger to identify trigger zones and then introduce the needle. If the procedure is performed correctly it will be impossible for the patient to be able to feel the needle. Based on the individual, the type of pain and the frequency at which they are in a treatment, an individual’s pain may be significantly reduced or completely eliminated. a6fo1cndtq.

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