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It is rewarding to pursue an occupation as a paving/asphalt worker. No matter what position you have in the team, your contribution is tangible and meaningful to your local community. Making a road safer, making commercial pavement repair, or rehabilitating a local highway is something that you should feel proud about. Securing and stabilizing roads ensures the wellbeing of the surrounding environment, security, and the economy.

Whichever paving firm you end up working for, you can be sure of the possibility of career advancement. In each job, there will be different levels of knowledge that are required. It will give you the knowledge required to create your career successfully on the field in the years to come.

2. Auto and Mechanics

Thanks to massive advances in the field of automotive technology over last ten years, automotive mechanics’ role has experienced a significant increase. Nowadays, keeping a precise computer system is far more crucial than simply reducing the pressure of tires. These shifts in roles are an obvious illustration of this change. Car dealerships increasingly hire technicians who have technical and ability to diagnose. A career as an automotive technician may encompass everything from servicing and performing preventative maintenance, to diagnosing and providing auto repair service. A typical starting wage for entry-level work in the auto industry is $30,000. Your pay will increase when you gain experience with auto repair, maintenance and computer system technology. Auto technicians make the average of 39,600 dollars. However, industry leaders often earn six figures.

There are no job openings within the automotive sector.


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