A Car Care Guide for the Winter – 1302 Super

February 13, 2023 by - Home

You want to avoid car problem with starting – it can result in headaches the next morning. This is why checking the terminals of your battery is a great idea. If you have taken care of your battery terminal applying a protectorant spray on the terminals is recommended to prevent any corrosion build-up.
7. Ensure Your Lighting System

NASA claims that winter’s day and night are shorter that summer days, so you will use your car’s lighting system less during the winter months. You’ll need to make sure that the lighting system in your vehicle is functioning properly in winter.

It is recommended to change the bulbs in case your car’s lighting appears dim or yellowish, or they do not respond to a car wash. If you continue to have issues the issue will be your cue for a car maintenance appointment to conduct a thorough exam of the lighting system.

8. Take a look at your window tracks

A key car care tip is to make sure your window tracks are in excellent in good condition. During the winter, freezing water gets inside the window tracks, which creates drag when opening the window. Drag can cause significant damage to the cable of the window regulator. They are expensive, that can run up to $300. You should inspect your car to determine damaged tracks on the windows.

Usually, in such a situation, it is possible to apply lubrication to your tracks using Teflon spray , or silicon oil to stop the problem.

9. Lubing your Door Locks Weather Stripping, Hinges and Latches Lubricating Your Door Locks

It is likely that you no longer utilize the door and trunk locks in your vehicle, as long as it has an entry keyless remote or similar, which could prompt you to neglect lubricating your doors locks. If you don’t lubricate the locking cylinders in your lock, they’ll develop corrosion. That means you’ll be unable to use your car keys should your battery-powered keyless remote goes out.

Your car shouldn’t be secured, especially during the cold winter months.


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