What the Freelance Isn’t Free Act Means for Independent Contractors – New York State Law

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If an employer offers any benefits or compensation, legal requirements still remain in place.
The Act’s Definitions

Anyone who renders services in exchange for the payment of a fee is considered a worker. Wage theft is when you work and don’t get compensated. In this case, the employer does not pay for their time or pays less than minimum wage. This law applies to freelancers, independent contractors, temporary workers, day laborers, and more.

Compensation is the payment made for services performed by employees. Compensation may include money as well as property or other value. Settlements need not be in the form of directly deposited funds or pay cheques. It can also come in the goods or services the employer offers that are essential to perform the duties of their job.

Who are Independent Contractors?

As an independent contractor, you’re responsible for paying your taxes, filing quarterly tax returns, as well as paying self-employment tax (Social Security and Medicare). Additionally, you are able to net expenses from your income for office supplies as well as the amortization of any equipment you use in performing services. Independent contractors need to sign up as self-employed contractors with the IRS and pay self-employment taxes. Plumbers, specifically are affected due to the fact that the majority of plumbers are subcontractors for general contractors or plumbing companies. In some instances independent contractors aren’t legally considered to be employees of such businesses however, they are considered independent contractors.

Subcontractors, contractors, as well as free-lancers are all independent contractors. They work under contract or under similar agreements. For instance, lawyers’ offices usually operate on their own independently-established professions, trades and professions or even companies. Independent consultants that provide services under a written agreement are independent contractors. Indep


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