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ry. The video highlights the importance of an orthodontic specialist.
An orthodontic specialist further studies for a minimum of two years with orthodontics in order to be specialized in that field.

A specialist in orthodontics can identify and treat misaligned or distorted teeth as well as issues with bite.

The reasons to correct Malocclusion

In order to maintain optimal health of your teeth, and avoid future issues Malocclusion (bad biting) is a must to be addressed. Malocclusion happens in the event that the upper and lower jaws do not meet when closing the mouth. There are many reasons to consider malocclusion:
There is too much wear and tear of the teeth
* Chewing issues
* Speech problems
* Tooth decay

Jaw Size as well as Aesthetics

Face appearance can be affected due to jaw irregularities and malocclusion. Surgery may be needed to correct this.


An orthodontist must take photos of your teeth, 3-D photos along with x-rays to determine the best treatment.
It is crucial to receive orthodontic treatment in order to fix dental and jaw problems. The delay in treatment could mean that you put yourself at risk of developing problems to come back.

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