How Are Broken Teeth Treated? – Prevent Tooth Decay

August 23, 2022 by - Home

The hardest material inside our bodies is enamel. The teeth, however, can crack and breaking. This video will show how broken teeth are handled. Teeth can break due to eating hard food, grinding, and crushing. Broken teeth can trigger irritation when you bite or chew. You may also be sensitive to hot or cold food as well as swelling around your teeth, and difficulty eating.

There are two forms of common cracked teeth: Split tooth fracture and Fractured Cusp.

The type of treatment depends on the kind and severity of the crack. The dentist will identify cracks in the tooth and treat the patient as appropriate. Different treatment methods for broken teeth include: Bonding: A tooth-colored resin is placed on the tooth. Root Canal: This process is applied if the tooth fracture is so severe that it affects the pulp. The area is covered with resin, and then secured. The crown will then be required to repair the tooth. Crowns are caps constructed of porcelain that is fitted over the affected tooth. Veneer: A veneer is thin resin or porcelain covering which is put over the broken tooth.

To preserve a chipped tooth to save a tooth that has cracked, put it in milk , and then bring it in to the endodontist. Make an appointment with the dentist right away for prompt treatment, to take the necessary steps to save the tooth.


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