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August 4, 2022 by - Home

g your business protected. When shopping for a camera system, not just any system will do. For the protection of your business’s assets, you will need an industrial cameras system. What exactly is an industrial camera system? Keep reading to find out.

Though an industrial camera will record video in the same manner as the home security system, there are major differences. In contrast to home-based systems, industrial camera systems are created specifically for business use and are of more superior design.

The CMOD sensor is used in industrial camera systems. It’s responsible for the conversion of the light energy of photons into electrons or electricity that is the way digital pixels , or images, form in pixels.

Industrial devices are tiny, meaning they can be tucked away in small spaces which makes them difficult to detect. They also come with a better frame rate than home systems. Surveillance cameras are used for viewing either video or still pictures. Many industrial cameras come with a frame rate of 100.

Watch the video to learn more about an industrial camera system, as well as the best features.


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