How to Choose the Best Deicing Salt in Rochester – Rochester NY Newspapers

July 13, 2022 by - Home

Riveways, frozen walkways and riveways and salts that you can make use of to melt the ice. There are two methods of addressing frozen surfaces. The salts you use can melt the ice, or sand for traction. There is a wide range of deicing products being sold through a supplier of deicing salts.

The cheapest alternative to deicing frozen walkways is rock salt. It is quick to reduce the temperature to zero degrees. Mark states that the rock salt could be acquired for free at the city’s highway department. It is also possible to deice by using a mixture of calcium. It can be bought at your local hardware shop. Magnesium chloride is the pricier option, but it offers added benefits such as pet-friendly and environmentally-friendly features.

Sand is a great choice for the traction. Though it’s not equipped with melting properties, its added friction can reduce slippage considerably. You can also combine the two, sand and rock salt or rock salt and calcium to maximize the benefits option of both.

It is recommended to apply this product with asphalt. However, it can harm concrete. Visit your local deicing salt supplier today.


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