Understanding Different Cooling Tower Parts – A Tech Blog

May 31, 2022 by - Home

In HVAC and industrial establishments to take heat from buildings. The video shows the interior elements of a cooling tower and its functions.
The cooling tower brings water and air. The result is that some hot water evaporates and cooler water can be recirculated in the building. The main parts of a cool tower include the fan motor as well as water pumps. A basin for water supply is also included.
If hot water is pumped in the tower, it is then pumped up to the top of the tower through pipes. Then, it is distributed across large areas via different pipes before being allowed to drop through wooden or plastic slats. They also spread the water in order for it to come into contact with the atmosphere, cooling it down even more.
Finally, the cooler water is collected in the reservoir below the slats prior to being pumping back into the structure. It’s simple to grasp how the cooling tower functions. o29e4ubvea.

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