Learn to Install Your Own Shingles and Save Money – Money Saving Amanda

May 24, 2022 by - Home


ou are looking to find a method of saving money, look no further other than repairing or installing your roofing shingles by yourself. The process is surprisingly simple. But, it’s important to take care while working elevated above surface. In order to avoid falling, you must make sure that your harness is properly secured. If you’re uncomfortable with high heights or simply prefer to confide in trained experts, think about hiring a roofing contractor with experience instead. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make money doing yourself shingles.

Begin by nailing the drip edge onto the roof’s edges. If you don’t do this it will cause water to run through the walls, causing the wood’s structure to get soft and dry. When you’ve had the drip edge in place and you’re ready to install your felt sheet. Felt paper is useful for stopping water from accumulating beneath the roofing shingles. Further, it provides an unimpeded movement between the shingles and roof. It reduces friction and minimizes destruction from strong winds. Additionally, you’ll want to secure the shingles on the entire roof. While you are attaching them do so, make sure that they overlap them slightly. It’s important to ensure that the felt is not visible.


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