What You Didnt Know About Invisalign Aligners – Teeth Video

May 17, 2022 by - Home

The ability to move your teeth to adjust the position. The aligners are made of impressions as well as computer generated images.

Invisalign aligners is just one of the many types of clear aligners.

Since the aligners are in close connection of the aligners the force on the tooth is precisely controlled, which results in the desired tooth motion. The orthodontist plans for the sequence of actions that eventually bring the teeth back into place. The motions are recreated in accordance with the direction that teeth should move, and then different sets of aligners (trays) are created using 3D printing.

You can remove the aligners to cleanse your teeth, however they must be worn throughout the day for a minimum of 22 hours so that you can achieve the desired movement.

If the normal teeth do not move then the tray following isn’t aligned properly with the teeth.

Teeth that rotate are difficult to do using aligners.
Extruding teeth is a different challenge using aligners. Attachments will then guide the teeth to achieve the correct alignment.

A skilled dentist is in a position to offer you guidance about your treatment options. 7v5nkavb3f.

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