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May 11, 2022 by - Home

aerosols. HFCs are potent greenhouse gases, with potential for global warming that is hundreds of thousands or one thousand times that of CO2. (CO2) are able to cause substantial loss of heat.

American Innovation and Manufacturing Act of 2020 (AIM Act) directs EPA’s attention to HFCs. It provides new authority to EPA to decrease the use as well as production of HFCs in order to manage them. This can facilitate the shift to next-generation technology that doesn’t rely on HFCs.

On the 23rd of September, 2021 EPA released a definitive regulation that would reduce HFCs in the U.S. production and consumption of HFCs to 85% in 15 years in accordance with the AIM Act. The global reduction of HFCs is expected to avoid the possibility of 0.5degC from global warming before 2100.

The EPA announced that it will lower greenhouse gas emissions caused by trucks that are heavy duty and also the other types of air pollution. The Agency is currently working on a series of major rulings for the next three years to establish new standards for criteria pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions for vehicles with heavy duty in MY 2027 beyond. h8rc1eiueg.

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