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May 5, 2022 by - Home

It’s never been more crucial to encourage students to apply to your school. Higher education centers being shut down because of Covid there’s been a dramatic decrease in applicants looking to continue their education in today’s collegiate world. While colleges may experience an inevitable drop in applicants because of the current political climate Marketing teams are able to use a variety of ways to boost the amount of applications. The recruitment software is among the most popular methods of getting students through the door and continues to grow and expand. In this clip we’ll examine online admission software for higher education , and explain how it makes the process easier for students who are interested in applying.

Creatix is among the latest tools for recruiting. The video below demonstrates the key features. The platform allows automated check-ins for prospective students, while keeping a detailed log of the status of applications. Additionally, it helps find that perfect candidate by conducting market segmentation. The software allows prospective students can directly contact professors and engage in conversation with faculty members prior to applying.


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