How to Fix a Golf Cart – Daves Auto Glass Repair

May 3, 2022 by - Home

It’s likely that you’ve had some golf cart excursions. They are extremely useful that allow quick and easy travel, and a smooth ride from hole to hole in the golf course. If you own a golf cart, the chances are that you’ve needed to do the maintenance yourself for your golf cart at least once in a while. Although golf cart maintenance is fairly simple, it’s essential to be aware of all the information if the goal is to buy one. This video will provide basics of golf cart maintenance.

As opposed to popping your car’s hood, the gold cart works exactly the same way. Instead of the hood, however, you pop open the seat’s bottom. This is where you’ll find the starter, engine as well as the spark plugs and all the other things you’ll need to carry out simple maintenance. The air filter is among of the parts that is most important to be replaced. It is also recommended to tighten the brakes and then adjust the clutch.


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