My Neighbors Tree Fell on My House. Who Pays? – Remodeling Magazine

March 5, 2022 by - Home

A tree removal service is required, the problem comes from the fact that it’s not your tree. Every homeowner is responsible for their trees. They should be maintained to a safe distance and removed if dead. A limb that is dangerous should be removed. This can be done effortlessly by a tree services. What happens when the tree that is causing damage to your house isn’t the property of your home? Well, this video helps in shedding some more light on this issue.

It is circumstantial. If the tree is healthy and healthy, it may be the insurance policy of the homeowner which covers the damages. The neighbor who has the tree is deemed to be unwell may be required to foot the costs. In any case, every situation differs and there’s no universal method to deal with the issue of neighborhood tree damage. You can prevent it through keeping your trees healthy and far from the homes.


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