What to Avoid When Looking for a Dog Boarding Service – Dog Health Problem

January 7, 2022 by - Home

The result could be harm to the dog you love. The famous YouTube channel Healthy Pets lists the warning signs of bad dog boarding in kennels.

The first sign of a failing kennel is that they refuse to let you tour the facility. The unannounced visit is a great way to get a glimpse of the place where your pet will be. Are the temperatures controlled? Are there beds? Do you have a space where your dog can exercise?

If you’re permitted to participate in an official tour, make sure you pay attention to what you are smelling. You should consider taking another tour that is not announced at another kennel, if there is a bad smell. Find out what cleaning supplies are being utilized if your kennel is in good condition. It is possible to check online to confirm that they’re dog friendly.

Ask the kennel staff about what type of vaccination documents or health certificates are required. If they’re not concerned regarding certificates or vaccinations, then that’s another sign of a failing kennel. Your dog is at risk of being exposed to other dog breeds. There is a risk that your dog will meet an infected dog and getting extremely sick, or death. 386slgcfh8.

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