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January 6, 2022 by - Home

As a homeowner, you must winterize your home , not just to avoid damage, but keep your home’s value for the longer term. Prepare for winter now and be thankful that you did it when winter temperatures arrive. Here are some great strategies to get ready for winter:

You can protect your pipes by insulating them.

To avoid pipes from popping, you should insulate them. The only way to do it is via non-heated spaces like the attic. The ice in pipes as water freezes expands , blocking them completely. The pressure in the pipes will increase due to this. There is a chance of flooding when there is too much pressure. Let your faucets run when the winter season arrives. It will ease the pressure in your water supply as well as winterize your home.

Here are some ideas to winterize your pipes

Connect, drain and keep your garden hoses.

Pipe sleeves may be utilized to protect pipes that are unprotected.

Make sure to shut off the main water supply valve in case of situation of emergency.

If you’re thinking of moving out then shut off your water supply.

Seal any foundation vents, cracks or openings in walls where these pipes can be found.

Seal and drain exterior faucets with cut-off valves. Foam facet covers can be utilized to shield them when they don’t.

The water heater should be running

Use an insulation blanket to secure your water heater, if there isn’t enough insulation where it’s at. It could be necessary to move your house if water is not flowing down the pipes. In order to do this make sure you shut off the valves for water.

Empty your water heater.

Clean your water pipes and run all faucets until no water is released.

Make sure that all fittings are filled with an antifreeze solution

Verify Windows and Doors

The cracks, leaks and windows that are present in walls can let the warmth your HVAC system attempts to disperse escape. The prevention of air leaks can be a sensible way to get home ready for winter tips that will help you save electricity. Mo

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