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December 29, 2021 by - Home


Rove Pest Control in Minnesota is a compilation of the most popular snake-control myths.

One myth states that a clean, well-kept lawn keeps snakes away. Although a tidy lawn might reduce the number of locations where snakes could get into, it won’t stop them from doing so. It is possible for snakes to reside within beautiful gardens that contain a wide variety of prey. Installation of fencing made of sturdy material and at least one foot into the ground helps to repel snakes.

Another misconception is the belief that poisoned rodents in the yard will kill snakes. Though this method isn’t dangerous to snakes, it can be fatal for pets and even birds. The research has proven poisoned rodents are safe for snakes to consume. Dead rodents can even attract snakes.

Another myth claims snakes can be kept out by applying a repellent. The sprays that deter snakes are rare because they have to be used correctly in accordance with the type of snake. Pest repellents that emit ultrasonic sound do not work against snakes, and most pests in general. For snakes to be eliminated and trapped the most effective way to manage them is to use a pest control firm.

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