How Are Dental Implants Installed – Metro Dental Care

December 21, 2021 by - Home

Warning, this video shows an real patient going through the entire process of placing a dental implant, from extraction through the placement of the implant it can be difficult for some people to see.
Implants are fast becoming the standard of care in replacing teeth that are missing. Implants look very much like natural teeth. The implant is a tiny, metal-plated pin that’s implanted directly into jaw bone in the lower or upper jaw A crown is placed on top to replace the missing tooth.
Implants can replace missing teeth. Implants are not just used to replace teeth that are missing, but are also able to replace damaged roots in the jaw. It can prevent bone loss in the future and help prevent healthy teeth from moving out of their place.
If you’ve got a dental implants procedure scheduled or you are considering making an appointment for implants this video will guide you through the steps of a patient. Make sure to take a look that the patient feeling no pain during the process. 455k11axdn.

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