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Hormone therapy is one way to supplement hormones that stop producing. This type of therapy is best for women who are younger than sixty years old and are just beginning to experience menopausal symptoms, not those that are already experiencing menopausal symptoms.

The Dr. Pinkerton says that in the early days of hormone replacement therapy, it was not a popular choice because of the risk it posed for other illnesses in older women who took the therapy. These were dementia, stroke, heart disease diabetes and stroke. It is said that younger women in their 50’s and early 60’s that are in menopausal transition are ideal patients for this therapy. If you have been through menopausal symptoms in the late sixties and seventies are not ideal candidates for at-home replacement therapy.

The majority of the hormone replacement therapies provide estrogen through patches on the skin, sprays, creams and pills. Your body absorbs them. Anyone who experiences hot flashes night sweats and many other symptoms that menopausal women experience might benefit from hormonal replacement therapy that can assist them in managing those symptoms. rzqy59jwvn.

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