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November 24, 2021 by - Home

Weather proofing the house for winter Make sure you cover your pool

If your pool is in warmer climates, you must drain it and cover it now to prevent the formation of ice. This can cause your pool to leak or crack. Swimming pools aren’t designed to withstand that amount of weight.

Covers can be purchased to cover your pool or create ones yourself using wood and covered by a tarp, as well as the addition of cinderblocks or bricks to support the cover to ensure that high winds don’t take it away, and also to prevent children from falling in the water because this will turn dangerous in the wintertime if left uncovered, which is another reason to take the time for covering your swimming pool now properly.

If you do not own the luxury of a swimming pool, one of the most efficient ways to keep leaves and other debris off the roof is hanging screens made of aluminum or wire to the top. The screen can easily be removed in springtime once winter has passed in order to clear any remaining leaves away into your yard for disposal with minimal labor, which makes your job much easier performing landscaping in the spring when leaves are no any more a problem.

In conclusion, the work you do can be costly, especially when you employ a professional company to do the work for you instead of performing the work yourself. They are essential tasks that you should not put off. They could end up causing damage to your home, as well as additional damage in wintertime. It is important to complete them today so that they are well-prepared for winter.

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